Our Team

Mr. Lewis is a partner and has over 25 years experience. His experience spans mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, financing, private equity funds, venture capital funds, hedge funds and pension funds. He has had significant experience in dealing with the recovery of investment losses due to public companies being delisted or going bankrupt. Mr. Lewis serves in a number of charitable organizations.

Mr. Lewis has also studied accounting and securities law allowing him to interpret financial statements to assess when fraud has occurred. In addition to being a recognized advocate, Mr. Lewis is a tax specialist.

Mr. Wright is a founding partner of the firm. He has significant experience in the allocation of credit risk in the fixed income markets, therefore this experience allows him to specialize in this area where fraudulent cases have occurred. He has worked with investment banks, hedge funds and broker dealers and has a vast knowledge in the area of financial transactions allowing him to see through transactions that appear to be on the up and up but are in fact fraudulent. He regularly advises clients participation in the market for troubled and non-performing financial assets and claims.

His knowledge of compliance and regulatory guidelines allows him to maximize the recovery for clients who have suffered investment losses. He has helped settle claims against the three largest insolvent Icelandic banks.

Mr. Brown is a partner of the firm. He is a frequent speaker on legal, regulatory, and compliance issues arising in fixed income markets. His topics of interest include but are not limited to the evolving markets and claims related to credit derivatives products. He has also representated clients in claims resulting from bankruptcy and has recovered over $10 million for clients who have suffered investment losses.

Mr. Brown has extensive experience in securities enforcement, regulatory investigations, and complex cross-border litigation and regulatory matters. He has mitigated cases for clients who have suffered investment losses in foreign jurisdictions.

Mr. Brown has conducted numerous internal investigations into the accounts of firms who were involved in fraudulent practices resulting in investor losses, including securities trading and market manipulation.

Mr. Ford is a partner in the firm’s Corporate and Regulatory recovery sector. He assists clients with every aspect of recovery with respect to investment losses caused by unethical practices, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings and pre-initial public offerings. Mr. Ford regularly organizes and presents seminars to clients to assist them in looking for the pitfalls that can lead and cause investor losses and abuse.

Mr. Ford also educates investors on what to look for in choosing a financial planner, investment advisor or investment firm. Further to the above mentioned areas of practice. Mr. Ford specializes in investment recovery resulting from stock option backdating, market-timing, accounting irregularities, manipulation and alleged false financial disclosures.

Mr. Thompson has represented individuals and institutions from the United States and almost every continent in the world. Over the last decade that representation has included hundreds of clients who range from retirees who have lost their life savings to banks who have been defrauded in investment schemes or by negligent brokers and everything in between. The cases Mr. Thompson has worked on claims for unsuitable investment recommendations, churning, misrepresentations and outright fraud.

The investments involved have varied from simple stocks and bonds to more complicated annuities options and futures to even extremely complex derivations such as structured products, CMO’s, I0’s, Inverse I0’s, CDO’s, CLO’s, Synthetic CDO’s, Credit Default Swaps and hedge funds.

Mr. Thompson is a frequent lecturer on all issues related to investment disputes and securities law helping educate investors across the nation. Mr. Thompson received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Penn State University.

Mr. Crawford received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Political Science from Vanderbilt University. Mr. Crawford served as an officer in the corporate trust and investment banking groups at major financial institutions.

During his career in the financial industry he had extensive experience with exotic financial instruments while acting as an indenture trustee for collateralized debt obligations and mortgage backed securities. He also worked with a major oil and gas corporation negotiating complex derivative contracts.

Mr. Sawyer utilizes a realistic approach to problem solving obtained through his social work background. Mr. Sawyer is a highly trained advocate committed to fighting wrongs and speaking up for those in need who have suffered investment losses. At university he studied Economics and Business Management, with 15 years of experience and a strong interest in economics. Mr. Sawyer contributes his skills to help those that have been defrauded by the unscrupulous actions of investment advisors and brokerage firms.

Mr. Sawyer started working with the firm in 1994. In the past he worked as a financial advisor specializing in mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Sawyer continues to be driven by his goal of delivering the best advice and results for the cases that he handles.

Mr. Nightingale specializes in recovering investment losses from investment and financing transactions, including private equity investment, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital investment and structured investments. He regularly provides strategic and regulatory advice to shareholders in helping them determine if they have a valid claim. His experience also includes a wide variety of other transactions and advice, including joint ventures, start-ups and fund formation along with investment losses due to securities regulatory and compliance matters.

Mr. Nightingale has over 15 years of experience in assisting investors recovers losses from investments. Prior to joining the firm Mr. Nightingale worked in the investment industry as a senior compliance officer and a venture capital specialist.


Helping you protect future investments.

Although most cases of stockbroker and investment fraud may be difficult to detect, there are measures investors can take to minimize their chances of becoming a victim.