Questions to ask to determine if you have a claim

We will walk you through the arbitration process with confidence! Don't be taken advantage of by unscrupulous financial advisors who thought only of their commissions. Not sure if you have a claim? Ask yourself these question:

  • Did you lose more money than you thought you were risking?
  • Did your investment losses force you to have a change of lifestyle?
  • Does your broker refuse to return your phone calls?
  • Does your broker tell you what to buy.... but not what to sell?
  • Is your IRA or retirement account losing money?
  • Does your broker have more excuses than ideas?
  • Did your broker suggest an annuity for your IRA?
  • Did your gut tell you "no" when your broker told you "yes"?
  • Has your advisor lost your life savings?
  • Was "risk" not in your financial advisor's vocabulary?
  • Did your Broker, recommend that you invest a substantial percentage of your portfolio in “Bear Market” mutual funds, including short or inverse funds?